Through formal or informal educational programs, the Institute offers a Master of Science in polymer processing in association with EAFIT University, specialized training and updates for the important human resources working in the plastic and rubber industry.

The objective of our trainings is:

  • To contribute to the creation, transfer and application of technologies and knowledge in materials science, products and polymer processing with the aim of being a key factor to the competitiveness, productivity and innovation of the industry and academic community.



To accomplish our objective, we offer the following programs:

Our training programs offer a range of possibilities, which can be adapted to each company's interest. We are supported by the knowledge and experience of our national and international experts.

Some of the most important seminars and courses offered by ICIPC in materials and polymer processing are:

  • Polymer extrusion
  • Seminars on extrusion and injection molding, aimed at efficient use of energy: theory and practice
  • Trends in plastic films
  • Specialized seminar on design and simulation of extrusion components
  • Troubleshooting in injection molding
  • Specialized seminar on mold design and simulation in injection molding
  • Recycling of polymers
  • Rubber technology
  • Techniques of thermal analysis
  • Rheology in polymer processing
  • Thermoplastic materials and additives
  • Polymer characterization
  • Statistical process control applied to polymer processing
  • Technology and resins for modifying heat sealing