Migrasoft® is a software tool for validation of compliance with specific migration regulations following the guidelines established in EU regulation 10/2011 (up amendment No 202/2014) on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.

Some features are:

  • Classification of food according to the categories defined by EU regulation 10/2011
  • Definition of the simulants assigned according to EU regulation 10/2011, depending on the food category
  • Determination of time and temperature of the migration assay following the lineaments of EU regulation 10/2011, the shelf life and storage conditions
  • Fat reduction factor (FRF) is automatically estimated according to the relationship Migrant - Simulant - Category Food
  • Combined analysis of migrants and simulants, evaluating in each case whether the specific migration limit (SML) is exceeded
  • The sum of specific migrations are considered, checking that the overall migration limit is not overflown
  • Migration limits for restricted group defined in EU regulation 10/2011 are taken into account



  • Migrasoft® is a web application that works with most internet browsers
  • Permanent internet connection is required


How to order?

We offer use licenses for this application. To order, please send your non-binding inquiry on the following link.

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