Who we are

The Rubber and Plastic Institute for Training and Research, known as the ICIPC from its initials in Spanish, is a non-profit technology development center, leader in Colombia, which provides technology solutions to the plastic, rubber and related industries, such as, automobile, foods, pharma, consumer products, packaging, internet of things, among others.

During its 23 years of operation, the Plastic and Rubber Training and Research Institute has conducted various activities for the benefit of enterprises working in the plastic and rubber chains in Colombia and Latin American countries. Up to 2015, the Institute had satisfied the needs of more than 1200 enterprises belonging to the most diverse sectors of the Colombian economy. Of those enterprises, more than 700 belong to the production chains referred to and are located in the main cities on Colombian territory.

The structure of the technological services provided by the ICIPC in 2015 for Colombian and Latin American enterprises is corresponding to Research, Development and Design that constitutes 80 per cent of the Institute’s portfolio, followed by specialized laboratory tests with 12 per cent and training with 8 per cent.



On April 21st of 1987, the “Foundation Institute for the Plastic and Rubber Research and Training” ICIPC (Spanish acronym) was created with the purpose of effectively contributing to increase competitiveness and productivity of the companies in the plastic and rubber sector, according to the decision of the founding partners. The ICIPC officially began its operations on February 22nd of 1993, the date of its inauguration.

The founding partners of the ICIPC are:

  • FORMACOL, a plastics company located in Medellin, Colombia
  • EAFIT University, one of the most important universities in the country
  • ACOPLASTICOS, the Colombian Association for the Plastics Industry

In 1988, The German Association for Technical Cooperation offers its support to the ICIPC for 10 years, donating funds for the acquisition of equipment for the laboratory and other processes, as well as sponsoring the training of a group of researchers in some of the most important German institutions.

Since its foundation in 1987, the ICIPC has been working in the following activities:

  • Training for technicians, engineers and experts
  • Applied research
  • Technical consulting in processing of plastic and rubber

Since 1996, COLCIENCIAS (Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation of Colombia) on behalf of the Government offers support to the ICIPC’s projects in innovation and technological development. In 1998 SENA (National Learning Service) joined the ICIPC as a special adherent partner.

In May of 2010, the inauguration of the ICIPC building expansion took place. This was accompanied by important personalities such as the President of the Republic, Alvaro Uribe Vélez; the director of COLCIENCIAS, Juan Francisco Miranda; as well as the presence of over 150 executives from different companies of the plastic and rubber sector.


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ICIPC at its beginings ICIPC currently


Nature of the ICIPC

  • Non-Profit Foundation
  • Service Company opened to public
  • Academic Center
  • Research and Development Center