Specialized training on topics related to polymer processing and sustainability.

Postgraduate courses

Specialization in plastic and rubber transformation processes

ICIPC and EAFIT University have created this widely recognized program for the plastics and rubber industries in Colombia and Latin America, with the following objectives in mind:

  • Promote development and research in the areas of plastic materials and polymer processing.
  • Help create innovation and production capabilities in the plastics and rubber sector.
  • Plan the appropriate and timely technological renovation and reconversion of the plastics and rubber sector.
  • Help improve the productivity, quality, and competitiveness of the plastic and rubber sector for local and international business.

Advantages of the program


  • This program is unique in Latin America.
  • Possibility for networking.
  • High employability in industry and academia.
  • 11 cohorts and over 100 alumni.
  • Students from different countries.
  • Possibility to continue with Master’s and PhD programs.

Course in sustainable packaging design, through an agreement with EAFIT University

Do you want to learn about the basics of packaging, industry trends, and challenges for the future?

Do you want to know how neural marketing can help you design and evaluate a package?

Do you want to learn how to integrate your sustainability strategy with your packaging?

Do you want to reinforce your knowledge about plastic materials to improve the properties of your packages?

These are some of the many reasons to gain interest in our program.

The course on sustainable packaging, through an agreement with EAFIT University, will provide you tools and skills to design packaging, keeping in mind sustainability, technical requirements, and the needs of the market and end-user.

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ICIPC Academy

Are you looking to take a leap in your company’s quality, productivity, and competitiveness, and have you come to the realization that training and education on polymeric products and in plastic and rubber transformation processes is the key?

Have you not found a complete offer in the market, in English, that will help you fill all the gaps in your hard skills for the plastics and rubber sector?

Do you need to know where the plastic and rubber sector is going in terms of the markets, processes, and technologies that interest you?

Do you want to know learn the regulatory framework and new trends in circular economy and sustainability can be turned into opportunities for you and your company?

ICIPC Academy is a portfolio of training programs created as a response to the needs of the plastics companies, both raw material manufacturers, processors and end-users as training fora to deal with the basic concepts of polymers and polymer processing.

ICIPC Academy is the answer to these needs

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Seminars and Events

ICIPC offers all professionals, businesspersons, researchers, teachers and students, seminars and teaching events on specialized topics that are trending in the domestic and international industry. Our invitations to our seminars are open and are published regularly on our webpage, social media, and other media.

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Customized courses

ICIPC offers customized courses for the professionals from our clients. Those courses are flexible and can be adapted to your specific needs.

Teachers for the closed courses have broad knowledge bases and experience on the specific topics.


Hours of training

Modular courses

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