Analysis – Proposals – Results

Would you like to know about the latest technologies to make better decisions?

Do you need to solve a production problem in your company?

Would like to optimize your strategic and operating processes?

Do you need to adopt the best circular economy and sustainability practices?

We have divided our consulting service portfolio into four categories.

Technology monitoring – Productivity – Sustainability – Intellectual Property


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Technology monitoring

  • Would you like to get out of the price war and compete by innovating?
  • Would like to be set apart from the competition?
  • Do you want to create higher added-value products?
  • Do you want to find out the latest technology trends in your industry?
  • Do you need objective input for your decision-making processes?

Why is our technology monitoring ideal?

  • Because we go beyond traditional technology monitoring.
  • We have a sharp eye for identifying the key elements for your question.
  • We extract information that is relevant for your request.
  • We do in-depth analysis of the information.
  • We interpret the information using expert criteria.
  • We have a network of national and international allies that makes it easy to find the information and prepare the report.
  • We have specialized databases to search for information.

Productivity Consulting

Fault Analysis

  • Do you have problems with your processes?
  • Do you have problems with your products?
  • Do you need a forensic analysis to identify the cause of the problem?
  • Do you need an impartial arbitrator to solve a dispute with a supplier or a client?
  • Do you have a problem with plastic or rubber packages or products?
  • Do you need to avoid legal liability or reputational loss?

Our fault analysis consulting service can help

  • This is a simple but powerful tool.
  • We conduct a detailed analysis of the problem, identify the causes, and provide solutions.
  • We have a team of experts to look at the problem holistically and provide integrated solutions.
  • We have our testing laboratory to validate the causes and propose solutions.

Diagnosis of Productive Gaps – DPG

  • Do you want to improve the productivity of your production processes?
  • Is energy a high cost of production in your business?
  • You are not sure if you are processes are competitive vis-à-vis the competition?
  • Do you want to find out whether your plant’s production processes can be improved?
  • Are you having technology related quality problems?
  • Are you making proper use of your production equipment and general services?
  • Do you want to lower your plant’s environmental impact?

Our plant optimization consulting service, through energy monitoring is much more than making a simple diagnosis of energy use.

We have an impact on the following processes.

  • Production: maintenance, scheduling, and good practices.
  • Processes: optimization of operating conditions.
  • Quality: reduction of noncomplying products.
  • Technology management: equipment or equipment components to reduce specific energy consumption and increase productivity based on data analytics.

Our service includes:

  1. One day of diagnosis (includes visit to the operation line).
  2. One day of training.
  3. Diagnostic report with proposals for improvement.
  4. Meeting to share the report and presentation of proposals.
  5. Follow-up to the defined action plan (at a later date agreed with the client).

After the diagnosis of DPG, what can arise?

  1. Online energy monitoring
  2. Component design
  3. Technological optimization
  4. Optimization of processes

All these actions are proposed with the objective of generating savings or economic benefits for the operation.

The proposals that are made will always have the return on investment as a key indicator to make the decision.

Development of customized materials

  • Do you want to create a technology barrier based on the materials used to develop your products?
  • Do you want to stop depending on importing materials, such as biopolymers, TPE’s and special compounds?
  • Do you want to improve your postindustrial raw materials to turn them into higher added-value products?
  • Do you want to explore new markets but find it difficult to find the recommended raw materials?
  • Do you want to explore materials that will place you at the forefront of technology?
  • Do you need to improve your products’ properties based on their materials?
  • Do you want your products to be more environmentally sustainable?
  • Do you need to adapt to new regulations based on your products’ raw materials?

Let’s talk so that you can find out how our Compounds Design consulting service can help you.

  • We have a team of experts with broad experience in polymeric materials and the processing technologies.
  • We can analyze properties and define and decision-making paths in our laboratory to design the right compound for your process and your market.
  • We have laboratory equipment and technology, prototype runs, and pilot runs to scale the developments.
  • We are allies with national and international manufacturers of specialized raw materials that could be part of the solution to your needs.
  • We have developments in biopolymers, TPE´s, materials with loads and fillings, waste monetization, foaming, pharmaceutical compounds and many more.

Component design and selection

  • Do you need to improve the productivity of your processes?
  • Do you need to improve the quality of your products?
  • Do you need to reduce waste in your polymer transformation processes?
  • Do you need to update the technology of your equipment and bring it closer to the state-of-the-art?
  • Do you need to lower your technology-related production costs?

With our design in design and polymer transformation equipment component we can help you with the design or selection of spindles, nozzles, and molds, as well as with complete production lines for injection, extrusion, and blow molding of hollow parts, so you can make the products you take to market efficiently and competitively.

Internet of things (IoT)

  • Do you want to monitor your production processes in real time?
  • Do you want to use the industry’s 4.0 technologies with your older technologies?
  • Do you need help analyzing the data from your production processes?
  • Do you want to improve your quality inspection process in your production?
  • Do you want to track your products throughout the logistics chain?
  • Do you want to track the conditions in your laboratory tests?

The staff at our IoT (Internet of Things) lab, through their consulting service, can help you bring your company into the 4.0 industry using their knowledge of:

  • Circuit design
  • Applications design (native and web-based)
  • Integrated systems design (data capture and display)
  • Data analytics
  • Artificial vision

All based on our specialized knowledge of processing, models, and simulation of plastics processes

Sustainability Consulting

Lifecycle Analysis (LCA)

Do you need to prepare to comply with environmental regulations?

Do you want to compare different alternatives based on their environmental impact?

Do you have actual and perceived problems with your sustainability image?

Do you want to show that your product is environmentally better than another product?

Do you want to have a powerful business tool with information that helps you sell your product?

Why us?

  • Because we are experts on polymers and transformation processes.
  • Because we have the criteria and independence to analyze data and propose specific solutions for various kinds of materials.
  • Because we conduct rigorous studies, using specialized tools, with a holistic team of consultants.

Waste valuation

Do you need to comply with the Extended Producer Responsability regulations (EPR)?

Do you want to lower your environmental impact?

Do you want to lower your environmental costs?

Our waste valuation consulting service helps you transform your process waste into usable raw materials by improving its properties and increasing its value.

Our service is unique in the Colombian market.

Using know-how that is unique in its methodology and design of compounds.

  1. We identify the materials.
  2. We identify potential applications
  3. We carry out concept valuation tests.
  4. Materials development and modification.
  5. Advice and assistance to bring the solution to an industrial scale.

Strategy for sustainability and market studies

Do you need an ally to help you develop your entire sustainability strategy?

Do you want an expert with the experience, contacts, and networks that are key to connecting your sustainability strategy to all key players in the plastics and rubber transformation sector?

Are you uncertain about the possible sustainability path that your company needs and are you part of the polymer processing value chain?

Do you need up-to-date and relevant information about the latest sustainability trends in Colombia and Latin America?

We have a complete strategic assistance service that we can put together by stages, according to your needs.

We develop initiatives to provide guidelines on potential and actual recyclability.

We do a complete diagnostics to create a clear baseline and a map with different sustainability paths for your company, using initiatives such as eco-design, and alignment with sustainable development objectives.

Due to our experience, the knowledge produced by our fields of research, and network of contacts, we have the capability to create and transfer relevant and up-to-date information about polymer sustainability and processing, through our service of market studies for decision-making.

Consulting on intellectual property

Are you thinking about developing a new product and want to know how to protect your invention?

Do you want to complement your legal counsel with a consultant who is an expert on the technical issues of intellectual property for products and processes related to polymer processing?

Do you need to understand how the concepts of novelty, inventive step, and usefulness apply to your innovations and products from a technical point of view?

Our intellectual property consulting service can be the solution for you.

  • Expert consultants on polymer processing, the only technical consulting entity in the area of intellectual property with an emphasis on the Colombian and Latin American markets.
  • ICIPC is the coordinator for the intellectual property network for the industry and energy node, with support from the Colombian Ministry of Science and Technology (Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología) and the constant participation by the Superintendency of Industry and Trade (Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio) and WIPO.
  • Network of allied legal firms that complement our services.
  • We have vast experience in patent publication and development.
  • All our assistance is provided according to the highest principles of confidentiality, which are always supported by framework cooperation agreements and specific confidentiality agreements to protect our clients’ information and intellectual property.